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About our Charity

Hand of Compassion Charity

The Hand of Compassion Charity (aka Ban Tay Cuu Kho) is established in order to help people around the world who are facing challenges in different facets of life. Especially, our charity focuses on helping clergy students here and abroad, the elderly, orphans, the handicapped,...

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Schedule of Activities

Here are the schedule of activities of the Ven. Dr. Giac Hanh in 2015:

Dhamma Talks - Austin, Texas - June 2015

Announcement about the Dhamma talk sessions by Ven. Dr. Dhamma-hara (Giac Hanh) in Austin, Texas on Saturday, June 27th, 2015.

Schedule of Activities 2014

Here are the schedule of activities of the Ven. Dr. Giac Hanh in 2014:

Buddhist nun Quang Hieu receives gift from donors

Lending a Hand to Comfort Those in Need

The Hand of Compassion Charity, with donations from compassionate friends, delivers a helping hand to two families in need in Vietnam.

Family receiving food and supplies

Thank You for Your Contribution

Ven. Dr. Giac Hanh expresses his thanks and gratitude towards those who contributed to help the less unfortunate in Vietnam.

Patient Ho Thi Canh Mung with her family at the hospital

Helping Someone in Need

A sincere request to help a patient in need.