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About our Charity

Hand of Compassion Charity

The Hand of Compassion Charity (aka Ban Tay Cuu Kho) is established in order to help people around the world who are facing challenges in different facets of life. Especially, our charity focuses on helping clergy students here and abroad, the elderly, orphans, the handicapped,...

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Schedule of Activities 2014

MONday - 19/05/2014 11:58
Here are the schedule of activities of the Ven. Dr. Giac Hanh in 2014:

- 01/26/2014 : Charity work in city of Hue, Vietnam
- 01/29 and 01/30/2014 : Charity work in Huong Dien, Dien Mon and Hai Duong communes, Hue, Vietnam
- 02/02 through 02/07/2014 : Dhamma talk in city of Vinh, Vietnam
- 02/08 through 02/10/2014 : Dhamma talk in Hanoi, Vietnam
- 02/19 and 02/20/2014 : Charity work in Huong Dien and Hai Duong , Hue, Vietnam
- 02/26 through 03/06/2014 : Charity work in Burma (Myanmar)
- 04/12/2014 : Dhamma talk at Bodhi Monastery, Geneva, Florida
- 04/13/2014 : Dhamma talk at Tam Bao Temple, Orlando, Florida
- 04/18 through 04/28/2014 : Dhamma talk at Jade Buddha for Universal Peace event at Xa Loi temple, Frederick, Maryland
- 05/11/2014 : Attend Vesak ceremony and give Dhamma talk at Thien Dinh Dao Trang Gaya, San Leandro, California
- 05/18/2014 : Dhamma talk at Tay Phuong temple, Gainsville, Georgia
- 05/25/2014 : Vesak ceremony at Tam Bao temple, Orlando, Florida
- 6/2014: Help a poor fisherman's family in Sri Lanka 
- 8/2014: Provide scholarships for poor students with good academic records from Primary school to Graduate levels in Huong Dien Commune, Hue City, Vietnam

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